"Manufacturing Hub of India"

Situated on the banks of river Sutlej, Ludhiana, Punjab’s largest city, is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in India. Also known as Manchester of India, Ludhiana is famous for its hosiery industries, the ancient ruins of the Lodi dynasty and the war museum.

Named after the Lodi dynasty, the city has retained the old world charm, kept the spirituality intact but also hasn't failed to keep up with the changing times and traditions of the country.
Apart from being an industrial town, Ludhiana draws pilgrims and tourists from worldwide owing to its Gurudwaras, forts and ancient ruins.
Lodi chiefs, Yusaf Khan and Nihang Khan, converted the village Mir Hota to Ludhiana. Ludhiana also hosts the famous Rural Olympics at Qila Raipur each year in the month of January-February.

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